As the Boomers age, grandparents and grandchildren will vie for scarce funds.

If the underlying problem behind all these issues is competition for funding, couldn’t we also say that the underlying issue is the lack of funding?

Could we not say that the underlying problem is that too few people are collecting too much of the wealth generated by the economy and paying too little tax on it?

doesn’t the fact that some states have to choose between being sensible and being civilized– isn’t that a sign that we may have veered a bit too far in the direction of using government primarily to service the desires corporations and the rich folks who run them? Because I don’t think there’s anything sensible or civilized about a country that makes Grampaw and Junior fight over table scraps while the rich are grabbing more food than they know what to do with.

Source: CURMUDGUCATION: Fight for Scraps (The Real Causes of the Strikes)

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