Mindset interventions have gained traction in recent years because they’re intuitive and marketable. The idea that confidence facilitates success is accessible and, as a result, it is incorporated into many programs designed to support students. Unfortunately, programs advertised to promote a growth mindset in students are often poorly developed, ineffective, or lack empirical support.

The notion that a growth mindset is enough to inspire success in students is also problematic, in that it disregards powerful circumstantial features of students’ in-school experiences, such as nutrition, poverty, instructional quality, psychosocial stress, external pressures, abuse, etc. Although future research may serve to disentangle the components of certain growth mindset programs that are effective and help to eliminate pieces that are not, perhaps the abundant resources devoted to growth mindset program development and research would be more appropriately applied to other efforts to improve in-school instructional quality and social-emotional supports.

Source: Are Students Benefiting From the Growth Mindset Model?

Thus, charters have become the white flight academies of the South. National corporations whose workforce is diverse should avoid North Carolina, to avoid humiliating their executives and other employees. Jesse Helms, George Wallace, and Storm Thurmond would be proud to see their dream of school choice and segregation revived in North Carolina.

Source: North Carolina General Assembly Passes Bill to Promote Resegregation of Schools | Diane Ravitch’s blog

Working on my education education: bell hooks, Seymour Papert, Seymour Sarason, Ivan Illich, Maria Montessori, Paulo Freire, Patti Lather, Reggio Emilia, John Dewey, Jean Piaget, Tressie McMillan Cottom, Kimberlé Crenshaw

there will be much dying: even more so than during the worst conflicts of the 20th century. But rather than conventional wars (“nation vs nation”) it’ll be “us vs them”, where “us” and “them” will be defined by whichever dehumanized enemy your network filter bubble points you at

You don’t need to build concentration camps with barbed wire fences and guards if you can turn your entire society into a machine-mediated panopticon with automated penalties for non-compliance.

Tomorrow’s genocides will be decentralized and algorithmically tweaked, quite possibly executed without human intervention.

Forget barbed wire, concentration camps, gas chambers and gallows, and Hugo Boss uniforms. That’s the 20th century pattern of centralized, industrialized genocide. In the 21st century deep-learning mediated AI era, we have the tools to inflict agile, decentralized genocide as a cloud service on our victims.

Trump has discovered that in times of insecurity, the spectacle of cruelty provides a shared common focus for his supporters.

What’s new is the speed and specificity with which the cruelty can be applied, and the ability to redirect it in a matter of hours—increasing the sense of insecurity, which in turn drives social conservativism and support for violent self-defense.

Source: Happy 21st Century! – Charlie’s Diary

Our medical insurance id has an O in it (rather than a 0). This means regularly receiving bills for hundreds and thousands of dollars because of errant data entry. Each one requires phone calls to resolve.

I updated “Autistic Burnout: The Cost of Coping and Passing” and “Neurodiversity in the SpEd Classroom” with selections from “An Autistic Burnout – The Autistic Advocate”.

If you saw someone going through Autistic Burnout would you be able to recognise it? Would you even know what it means? Would you know what it meant for yourself if you are an Autistic person? The sad truth is that so many Autistic people, children and adults, go through this with zero comprehension of what is happening to them and with zero support from their friends and families.

If you’re a parent reading this, I can confidently say that I bet that no Professional, from diagnosis, through any support services you’re lucky enough to have been given, will have mentioned Autistic Burnout or explained what it is. If you’re an Autistic person, nobody will have told you about it either, unless you’ve engaged with the Autistic community.

Autistic Burnout is an integral part of the life of an Autistic person that affects us pretty much from the moment we’re born to the day we die, yet nobody, apart from Autistic people really seem to know about it…

Source: An Autistic Burnout – The Autistic Advocate

With @TinyLetter eventually merging into MailChimp, what’s a personal newsletter service that supports blockquotes (and, ideally, Markdown)? @Revue is close to my needs, but I don’t see blockquote support in its editor. @MailChimp overwhelms with stuff I don’t need. Its block based editor is a turnoff, particularly how I have to work with text in what is essentially a sidebar.

My needs:

  • Blockquotes (TinyLetter supports them, anyone else?)
  • Markdown (anyone?)
  • Support for multiple newsletters so I can write for different audiences (seems I have to create multiple accounts to have multiple newsletters with Revue and TinyLetter)
  • Easy to toggle between private vs public per letter (TinyLetter does this well)

Update: The founder of Revue replied noting that they do indeed support blockquotes. I totally overlooked that during my brief survey. Looks like I’ll be rolling with Revue.