The people who run the world are all heavily invested in stocks and their markets only have an appetite for one thing: growth. The last 40 years has seen an insatiable demand for monetary growth from these investors. This has led all corporations to keep wages low, bonuses huge, and push extreme consumerism as a norm. This is all to convince investors of yet more future growth. The stagnation of wages has impoverished even the lives of middle class families from needing one working parent to needing both in work. All parents, poor and middle-class, all now  return home every evening tired and robbed of family time. Any housework is rushed and children in most homes are left staring at screens while parents complete house chores or just drink alcohol to relax.
The way in which society has been restructured by the banks and markets, particularly since around 1980, has reduced the quality of life for all and made all families poor in energy and time. This mold that currently shapes society needs to be broken by considerable regulation, so as to share wealth more equally and give back families their time and dignity. Unless society can break this mold, we will only see increasing levels of stress reduced well-being.

Source: Let’s break 2 molds that hurt everyone’s wellbeing – EDUWELLS

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