Unschooling flow: Twitterstorian threads on the birthday of Ruby Bridges -> Chapter 4 of “Democracy in Chains” on school desegregation and the Byrd machine -> Drunk History on the Children’s March -> Fables of Faubus by Charles Mingus

I added Steven Universe’s “Let’s Only Think About Love” and Aurora’s “Queendom” to my Steven U. heavy “Inclusion Songs” playlist. This list lifts me after a day of self-advocacy.

I like the pairing of “Let’s Only Think About Love” and “Rainbow Connections”: two happy cry inducing gay weddings.

BTW, if you like Aurora, me too.

I’m spending this bright, chirpy, 60F morning on the porch with Hooray for the Riff Raff. This reverse murder ballad has become a part of civil rights movements. I’ve listened to many murder ballads: a litany of Eliza Days with “roses planted ‘twixt their teeth”. This is their point of view. It never fails to punch me in the guts.

Follow that up with the reflective and stirring Pa’lante.

Their covers of Jealous Guy and My Sweet Lord are moving and wonderful.