The joyful celebration of pluralism through song perks me up when the world gets me down. I started an inclusion song playlist. What should I add?

One of my favorite bands, The Warning, is crowdfunding their new album.

Check out their Live at Lunario CDMX set, and then go give them some money so they can keep rocking us.

It’s been 5 and a half years since they caught our attention with their cover of Enter Sandman.

They have since put out an EP and two LPs (not a bad song among them) and are working on their third LP. They’re all still teenagers. Amazing and awesome. I can’t wait for the new album or the videos of the live sets from the upcoming North American tour.

BTW, check out Pau of The Warning along with a couple of other drummers I’m binge listening in this piece:

Drummers I’m binge listening:

Paulina Villarreal of The Warning

Akane Hirose of BAND-MAID

Hideki Aoyama of BABYMETAL’s Kami Band

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