That’s who Sam Vimes is. He helps people who have nowhere else to go.

The Watch S1E1

I watched the first two episodes of “The Watch” and enjoyed them enough , with reservations about the tinkered characters.

Mild character development spoilers:

I wish they’d dial back the Jack Sparrow in Vimes. He started his arc as a depressed drunk, not a goofball drunk. And they made Cheery tall and Sybil a svelte action hero, which goes against their character development in the books and misses out on the chance to cast a little person and a fat person.

I like the gender bent Vetinari and the styling chosen for The Patrician.

I know everyone is hating on it, but there’s enough of that Pratchett inclusion and Pratchett soul to keep me watching. Here are the oddballs, the dispossessed with nowhere else to go. They prevail, together, through teamwork and mutual support. I’ll stay for that.

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