Look around you right now. How much technology can you see in your house or office? Autistic people designed much of that, came up with the ideas for much of it. And got paid peanuts, probably, to use a phrase. Look at the famous art prints on your walls. Many by autistic artists. Listening to music? Some is by autistic musicians. Driving home in a vehicle, designed and built by autistic people, over a bridge designed by autistic engineers? You bet that bridge works. We built it.

Your infrastructure relies on autistic people, all day, every day. Society makes trillions out of autistic minds. Capable, determined, passionately focused, fair, honest minds of the sort that fill the professional practices across the country. Autistic lawyers, surveyors, bankers, accountants, doctors, scientists. Getting it right. Challenging nonsense. Stopping salespeople from selling ‘snakeoil’ to people.

Source: Ann’s Autism Blog: Let’s look at why “Autism is the most expensive disability” is untrue.

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