With @TinyLetter eventually merging into MailChimp, what’s a personal newsletter service that supports blockquotes (and, ideally, Markdown)? @Revue is close to my needs, but I don’t see blockquote support in its editor. @MailChimp overwhelms with stuff I don’t need. Its block based editor is a turnoff, particularly how I have to work with text in what is essentially a sidebar.

My needs:

  • Blockquotes (TinyLetter supports them, anyone else?)
  • Markdown (anyone?)
  • Support for multiple newsletters so I can write for different audiences (seems I have to create multiple accounts to have multiple newsletters with Revue and TinyLetter)
  • Easy to toggle between private vs public per letter (TinyLetter does this well)

Update: The founder of Revue replied noting that they do indeed support blockquotes. I totally overlooked that during my brief survey. Looks like I’ll be rolling with Revue.

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