Glitterstim Tiftofs

My fourth grader and I have been reading book 1 of the Han Solo trilogy, The Paradise Snare. Homework writing prompts are more fun when you have the Star Wars universe to play with. Here’s what we came up with when prompted to create a candy inspired by the book.


Glitterstim Tiftofs are sweet, until they’re not. An initial hit of sweet yields to sour which yields, finally, to a bitter worthy of a Bantha blood fizz.

Mined in the dark depths of Kessel, glitterstim’s unique and very valuable properties are activated by exposure to light. A coating of Corellian chocolate preserves glitterstim’s telepathic effects against prying photons.

As chocolate gives way to the warmth of the mouth, glitterstim coats the mouth and grabs the tongue. With a smile at a star or the glow of a light saber, glitterstim activates and rides receptors straight to the brain. There, it opens your mind to other minds, tuning you to the frequencies of nearby sentience.