“Because Kara’s self-injury is a behavioral issue as opposed to neurological, it’s THC, not CBD, that stabilizes her mood.”

Source: Texas Rep. Pete Sessions’ War on Medical Marijuana

I get the distinction they’re trying to draw, but I cringe at seeing autistic needs framed as and reduced to a “behavioral issue”. Stop interpreting our needs as “behavior”. Behaviorism is bad framing. The behavioral vs. neurological and THC vs. CBD binaries in that sentence are too…binary.

Cannabis helps some of us endure overwhelming environments and the consequences of compliance, behaviorism, and burnout.

You see, there simply are no rugged individuals. Not a damned single person who has pulled themselves up by the bootstraps.

A turning point for me was John Dewey’s pragmatism, an argument that either/or thinking fails humans. In short, Dewey argued that it is a false choice between individualism and collectivism—that they are symbiotic, not antithetical.

My freedom is inevitably bound to everyone else’s freedom—and this is the great moral truth denied by the lazy Libertarian lie.

Source: The Lazy Libertarian Lie: Paul Ryan Edition | radical eyes for equity